“If you need a lawyer — call Len Nahajski. Case dismissed.” F.G.

“I am so happy that Len represented me. He worked tirelessly, kept me in the loop at all times, and was amazing in court. He had both short-term and long-term strategies, and got my case dismissed by using his thorough understanding of the law. He was professional and personable, and I’d recommend him to anyone.” K.S.

“Len was such a pleasure to work with. He was patient and explained all of my options and answered all of my questions along the way. He came up with a great strategy for my case and was there every step of the way until we had the best resolution possible. Case dismissed! I hope I never need a lawyer again but if I do, I know who to call.” L.N.

“Mr. Nahajski was hired as my lawyer three times. A DUI case, suspended license case, and another DUI, assault, drug and harassment case. The possible ramifications for my actions included prison time and a felony that would follow me the rest of my life. Lennard got me the best possible outcome for all of my cases. No jail time. He is professional, non-judgmental, extremely educated, and highly respected among his peers and the criminal justice system.” A.S.

“You are truly an Angel.” T.G.

“Very competent and trustworthy. Knows his business. . . . This was a whole new experience for me. With Lennard’s help, the case was dismissed.” D.S.

“When I think back to it, it occurs to me that I was very fortunate to have found you as an attorney. You are not only an excellent attorney, but you are also a good man. I’m not sure how common that is in your field, but I suspect not all that common.” G.S.

“Our case was very complicated. It not only had Criminal but also Immigration consequences. We are glad that we chose Len to handle our case. He is the best criminal lawyer one can find. He is very knowledgeable and I strongly recommend that you talk to Len if you are looking for a good lawyer to represent your case.” J.S.

“Mr. Nahajski handled my case quickly and efficiently. He is not only extremely competent attorney but he actually made the entire ordeal go smoothly and alleviated my stress and concern. I truly felt that he was proactive in his approach instead of just getting to my case when he had to as so many other attorneys’ do.” C.J.

“He won my case, and I now have no criminal history nor did I go to prison, so I’m very glad with the outcome. I’ll make sure I don’t make any mistakes, however if I ever did need a criminal defense lawyer, I would hire Lennard all over again.” R.Y.

“I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you and to Rayne for your excellent work achieving such a positive outcome in my defense against the State of Washington. Success in this matter did not appear to me to be in the least bit a foregone conclusion, and I believe that without your legal expertise and personal dedication to my cause I would be in a far more unpleasant situation today. Rayne was indeed brilliant at the pre-trial and your strategy and research prior to that day was obviously flawless. I am extremely grateful for this second chance that your work has secured me. Please thank the members of your office staff on my behalf for their professionalism and competency during my frequent communications with them. Their efficiency and assurance was much appreciated.” G.R.F.

“On behalf of me, Mike and Eli we’d like to thank-you for doing such a fine job of representing Eli. It meant a great deal to us and you always kept us informed and we always felt we were in good hands. Thanks again!” L.S.

“Just want to let you know how much we appreciate you taking the time to help us out! Whenever we need your help it is a time of high stress for our family and you always take away a lot of the anxiety with your friendly, efficient manner and expert experience. Thank you!” L.A.

“Thank you! I really appreciate you helping me out. You’re the best attorney ever!” D.

“I appreciate your help, understanding and aggressive efforts on my behalf.” E.T.

“I have hired Lennard numerous times over years to handle my cases, ranging from class B felonies to gross misdemeanors. I was looking at 6-9 years of incarceration and Lennard has gotten two of my biggest cases dismissed and others reduced to practically nothing. Every time I consulted with him, he is extremely knowledgeable, tactical, honest, caring, and straight forward. And we have been in 4 different Courthouses around State of Washington, and in every Courthouse, he is very well-known with the judges, prosecutors, and staffs, which re-insured me that I was in very good hands. I’m confidently able to recommend him to my closest friends and family who are dealing with legal issues, because I know they are going to be represented by the best. Lennard has basically helped me to receive another chance in life to start over and has helped me to learn from my mistakes and move on to being a better person. There are no any other lawyers like him.” J.K.

“The best attorney on earth!” J.S.G.

“You all are very professional and effective operation and I appreciate everything you done for me. Your staff, they are simply the best.” C.S.

“Your staff has treated me with great respect and kindness. You are very blessed to have such a wonderful group of people working for you. They have always been very helpful and pleasant to talk with.” P.J.C.

“I live on the other side of the country and had a case come up in his location. Well I came across the best. Started everything off from the first day, kept in contact with me every few days, and then day to day as the case came closer. He handled it VERY professionally with outstanding knowledge of the law. He helped me with everything I needed to do in defense of myself. He helped me retain my civil liberties from false accusations. I wish I didn’t need him, but so glad I had him.”

“I really do appreciate your help. The courtesy that I received from your staff I will never forget. The professionalism in the court room was very comforting even though the process is lengthy and the charge was minor. My case was handled by the firm with the utmost care. Thank you!” T.P.

“Lennard was recommended to me from a good friend. This was a first time offense in my 55 yrs. I was embarrassed and humiliated to have to go through this ever. Lennard’s Professionalism, Experience, Sensitivity and Respect to a client’s needs was exceptional. His staff was professional as well and relayed my messages to him when he was unavailable due to his busy schedule of helping another client. Lennard always got back to me via phone or email, depending on the questions I had.  His presence in the court room definitely showed that he had respect from his peers and superiors. I would highly recommend The Nahajski Firm.” E.A.

“Thanks for bringing our son’s case to a very successful conclusion. You and your staff were very professional and helpful.” T.M.

“I would like to sincerely thank you for all of the effort you put towards my case. I was very impressed with the professional manner in which I was represented and the profuse knowledge held by the partners of your firm. I consider myself very lucky to have found you. While I hope to avoid requiring your services in the future, I did very much enjoy meeting and working with you. Thank you very much.” M.A.M.

“I do not recall a moment in my life that made me as astoundingly happy as those few words uttered from the judge’s mouth on my court appearance. I want to thank you and your partners for the work you did for me again. Hopefully, I will not be asking for them again, but if need be, I know now who to call. I say that not because of the results, but because of the tremendous amount of concern, humanity (the dog was a nice touch), integrity and professionalism displayed by all in your firm in your dealings with me.” D.W.M.

“I spoke with Rayne Nelson, the information that I was given over the phone and all the answers to all of my questions that I had at the time was extremely remarkable. I felt that all of the attorneys had more knowledge and experience in criminal law than any of the other attorneys that I had spoken with. Your office was ready to give me a free person-to-person consultation needless to say: the search was over for an attorney. A big heart-felt THANK YOU VERY MUCH.” R.R.