With the new year comes new changes in laws. The Obama administration created a policy called the Cole memo, which would focus on serious drug offenses such as cultivating pot on public land and selling to minors. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently rescinded that policy, however, and now cannabis shops in Washington are nervous.… Read More

As a criminal defense attorney who has been practicing in the area for almost twenty-five years – and having lived on Lake Sammamish for seventeen years as an avid wake surfer – I am regularly asked by friends and neighbors about boating statutes, rules and regulations. With a sunny and hot summer approaching I can… Read More

If a passenger car is occupied by more than one person, ownership of illegal contraband contained within the vehicle might be assigned to any of the occupants. Even though some of the persons in the car might not have owned the drugs or even known of the presence of the drugs, the law presumes ownership… Read More