If a driver’s license is suspended or revoked due to a DUI /Physical Control conviction or administrative action, the driver may apply for an IIL that allows the driver to drive during the period of suspension if the vehicle is equipped with an Ignition Interlock Device (“IID”).

Do I qualify for an IIL?

To be eligible for an IIL, your driving record must show that:

  • You have been arrested for or convicted of, an alcohol-related DUI or Physical Control.
  • You have had a valid driver license.
  • You have a Washington State residence address.
  • You haven’t been convicted of vehicular assault or vehicular homicide within 7 years before the incident for which you are requesting an IIL.
  • Your current suspension or revocation isn’t for or doesn’t include, Minor in Possession, Reckless Driving reduces from an alcohol-related DUI, Vehicular Assault, Vehicular Homicide, or Habitual Traffic Offender.

You are NOT eligible for an IIL if the pending suspension was a drug related. If the DUI was due to drugs, you may apply for a Temporary Restricted License, also known as an occupational driver’s license.

How do I get an IIL?

An application form and $100.00 application fee must be submitted in person or mail to the DOL for processing. Once approved, the DOL will send you the IIL, either by email, fax or U.S. Mail. Before obtaining an IIL, however, a functioning ignition interlock device (IID) must be installed in your vehicle. The company installing the unit will notify the DOL that it is installed. In addition to the IID, the DOL must have proof that you have current SR-22 insurance.

How much does an IIL cost?

The application fee $100.00, and there is an arbitrary $20.00/month fee that the state collects.

If I am eligible for an IIL, should I still request a DOL administrative hearing?

Yes. You should still request a DOL administrative hearing in order to challenge the suspension altogether and possibly avoid losing your license at all. Do not apply for an IIL before the administrative hearing as the application itself results in waiving your right to the hearing.

When may I apply for an IIL?

You may apply for an IIL at any time, including when you first receive notice of an administrative suspension. Once you apply for an IIL, however, you waive your right to an administrative hearing to challenge the suspension.

Will I need SR-22 insurance to obtain an IIL?

Yes. Your insurance company will notify the DOL that the SR-22 insurance is in effect.

Will I need an ignition interlock device in my employer’s work vehicle?

No. The installation of an ignition interlock device is not necessary on vehicles owned by a person’s employer and driven as a requirement of employment during working hours. The driver must provide the department with a declaration from his or her employer stating that the person’s employment requires the person to operate a vehicle owned by the employer during working hours. (The declaration form can be found atwww.dol.wa.gov/forms/500025.pdf). Drivers are still required to install an IID in at least one personal vehicle in order to qualify for the IIL.

I have a Commercial Driver’s License, will the IIL allow me to continue to drive a commercial vehicle?

No. Unfortunately, those with a CDL will not benefit from the IIL. You must still “win” your DOL hearings and avoid a DUI/Physical Control conviction to avoid a CDL disqualification. An IIL still allows commercial drivers to drive their personal vehicles.

I do not own a car, will I need an IIL?

If you want an IIL, you must have a vehicle equipped with a functioning IID, regardless of who owns the car. There is no legal requirement for you to apply for an IIL due to an administrative license suspension, however, if you are convicted criminally of DUI or Physical Control, the court will order you to apply for an IIL and to have a functioning IID installed in your vehicle as a condition of your sentence. If you do not have a car, the court can waive this requirement but would order the person to submit to alcohol monitoring through an alcohol detection breathalyzer device, transdermal sensor device, or other technology designed to detect alcohol in a person’s system, at the driver’s expense.

How long will it take to get an IIL?

If you already have an IID installed and SR-22 insurance on file with the DOL, the application process may take about one week. It is recommended that you request the IIL be sent to you by email or fax to facilitate the process.

What happens if I violate the terms of the IIL?

Violation of the conditions of an IIL is a criminal offense punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine of $50-$250. In addition, if you are on probation for DUI or Physical Control, that court is required to impose thirty days of confinement.

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