Restraining orders play an important role in preventing bad situations from becoming worse. However, restraining orders can sometimes be overprotective and issued without just cause. An angry ex-spouse, neighbor or co-worker may even try to use a restraining order to manipulate his or her position in a divorce or legal dispute.

Seattle No-Contact Order Defense Lawyers

If a restraining order has been issued against you, your daily life can be severely restricted. For example, you may lose the ability to contact your children or access your bank accounts. You may develop a negative credit report. You may even be forced to move out of your home and it may be difficult to rent an apartment. When faced with these dire circumstances, you do have options. The Nahajski Law Firm, in Seattle, Washington, will fight to remove unnecessary restraining orders and win back your freedom.

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Potential Penalties for Violating No-contact and Protection Orders

If you are convicted of violating a restraining order, you could lose:

  • Your freedom: up to 1 year of jail time is a possibility
  • Your money: fines for violating restraining orders are heavy
  • Your ability to visit your children: the court can revoke your visitation rights
  • Your right to possess a firearm
  • Your ability to rent an apartment

At The Nahajski Firm, we have earned a reputation throughout the legal community for providing clients with a strong defense in these complex legal matters. Our primary objective is always to protect the rights, freedom and reputations of our clients.

Petitions for Orders of Protection

Orders of protection (protection orders) are issued by the court in domestic violence cases. These orders generally prohibit the defendant from contacting the victim or the victim’s family, and require an affidavit from the alleged victim. Our lawyers have extensive experience handling these matters and will present a compelling argument against the issuance of an order of protection.

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