The right to own and carry a firearm is under fierce debate throughout the country. As it currently stands, residents of Washington have few restrictions on ownership, but openly carrying or having a concealed weapon is another matter. In certain situations, owning a gun or carrying in certain places could result in felony criminal charges,… Read More

There is no statute that addresses whether a Washington citizen is legally allowed to openly carry a firearm. However, if a firearm is carried openly, RCW 9.41.270 regulates misuse of a gun, or other weapons, resulting from threatening gestures. Concealed carry With proper licensure, qualified citizens in the State of Washington can legally carry a concealed… Read More

The term, “guilt by association” is a colloquial expression generalizing the notion that if a person associates with criminals, then that person, himself, is criminally culpable. Although this is not a legal principle, it is roughly akin to legal doctrines upon which criminal statutes are based in each of the 50 states. To bring criminal… Read More

Firearms are tools that, when used correctly, are invaluable in protecting oneself. Treated incorrectly, though, they can create tragedy, and give rise to both criminal and civil liability. Because of this, owners of guns must strictly adhere to safe practices when handling and storing them. No person should own or attempt to operate a firearm… Read More