The recent Equifax breach leaked the personal information of 140 million Americans. Now, people in Washington and all over the country are dealing with the ramifications of this breach—the main one being identity theft. One Seattle woman has had her identity stolen not once, not twice, but 15 times. With the help of her attorney,… Read More

Identity theft is a crime that can result in serious consequences for people of all ages. It involves the use of personal information to apply for credit and steal money. Identity theft can cause damage to one’s credit and make it difficult to apply for loans. Many of those accused of identity theft may not… Read More

Identity theft statutes in Washington provide that “No person may knowingly obtain, possess, use, or transfer a means of identification or financial information of another person, living or dead, with the intent to commit, or to aid or abet, any crime.” Usually, the crime committed, aided, or abetted involves financial fraud subsequent to the illicit… Read More

Identity theft is a harrowing experience. You’ve not only lost control over sensitive information, but identity thieves can wreck havoc on your personal finances. Fortunately, there are laws that can help you minimize your losses. You may also be entitled to financial compensation from an identity thief, as well as any businesses or institutions whose… Read More

Overview Identity theft is one of the most common crimes in the developed world today. With more and more information available online than ever before, millions of people are being hurt by identity theft every year. One of the most common types of identity theft is between family members. Often times, family members know the… Read More