Each of the 50 states has either statutes or common law rules providing that a person has the right to defend himself from unlawful attack by another. This is a reflection of the understanding of natural law which dictates that all people have the right to be secure in their persons and be free from… Read More

The Constitution of the United States separates our country from many other nations on earth because it guarantees several types of freedom. Citizens are generally free to act at their own discretion, so long as they do not violate the rights of others. Citizens are also generally free not to act if they so choose,… Read More

Just as preventive measures can be enacted to help protect against the commission of crimes, reactive measures taken by civic-minded persons can increase the chances of recovering property or achieving justice after the fact. While most people never consider how to be a good witness for police before the fact, a small amount of education… Read More

In the state of Washington, juvenile criminal records do not disappear upon the offending party reaching adulthood.  However, these records might become eligible for increasingly restricted access when the offender reaches the ages of 18, 21, and 23. Juvenile and adult records are two separate files, with different rules governing access, so juvenile criminal adjudications… Read More

Juvenile criminal process differs from that in adult criminal courts. Rather than findings of guilt producing convictions, juvenile judgements produce “adjudication” of criminal liability. Further differentiating the two processes is the fact that some criminal charges against juveniles can be handled entirely outside of the legal system by a process for dealing with accused juveniles… Read More

Parents hope their children grow up to become productive members of society, but that growing up period is often challenging. Kids make mistakes. Some kids are troublemakers, and sometimes good children do bad things. Sometimes, innocent children are accused of doing wrong. Either way, for parents, hearing that their child has not only been accused… Read More