Distracted driving is a major concern across the country, including Washington. The state is now enforcing a new distracted driving law that will ban the use of cellphones and other electronic devices while driving. The law hopes to curb negligent driving, which can lead to accidents, injuries and even death. The law originally was supposed… Read More

After a car accident, the law requires that everyone involved exchanges personal information as well driver’s license and insurance information. In order to avoid getting caught, though, some people flee the accident scene. If they are caught, they can be charged with a misdemeanor at the very least and face serious criminal penalties. A hit… Read More

When driving, you have a duty to follow traffic signals and laws and drive in a safe manner that keeps yourself and others safe. Unfortunately, though, sometimes motorists engage in activities that endanger themselves and others. In Washington, motorists who break the law because of their erratic driving behavior can be charged with a misdemeanor.… Read More

Most people realize that while driving a car, failure to comply with traffic laws carries a risk of being pulled over and issued a citation. Receiving a traffic ticket is usually a minor event that involve less than two hundred dollars and possibly traffic school to prevent a conviction on one’s record. However, some do… Read More

The vast majority of the time, police arrive on-scene well after the occurrence of a traffic crash and therefore have no first-hand knowledge of the events involved. Such events can range from mere fender-benders to major, multi-car incidents causing death and complete destruction of vehicles. Incidents involving several cars and therefore, several different impact events, can… Read More

Reckless driving often times refers to the intention of disregarding the laws of the road and placing others in danger. Receiving a ticket for reckless driving happens when the rules of the road are disregarded, but doesn’t always mean there was an accident or damage caused. Because driving a vehicle can be dangerous in itself, most… Read More