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Some 2019 magazine headlines like “Left-coast Lawlessness” and “Seattle Under Siege” might have been a bit overblown. According to the official records, crime rates decreased across the board last year. Property crime rates, mostly theft, were at their lowest levels since the 1970s. Violent crime rates also dropped sharply. Seattle Police Department spokesperson Sergeant Sean… Read More

Lennard Nahajski - Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney

A multi-agency effort, led by the Washington State Patrol, ended with the arrest of four individuals who thought they were to meet a minor for illicit purposes. “Detectives posed as the juveniles,” officials said in a statement announcing the arrests. So, “no juveniles were used or at risk during the operation.” “While DuPont is a… Read More

Kitsap County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 40-year-old man who attacked his roommate with a metal rod because he feared the man was undead. According to the alleged victim, the defendant has a history of severe mental problems. The alleged victim said the defendant accused him of being a vampire, to which the roommate responded “Is… Read More

Lennard A. Nahajski - Seattle criminal defense attorney

Between 2013 and 2017, hate crimes increased 22 percent nationally. But in Washington, these incidents skyrocketed 78 percent. Race accounted for 60 percent of these offenses. Most of the rest were either religion (21 percent) and sexual orientation (16 percent). Almost all of the hate crimes in Washington over that period were aggravated assaults. These… Read More