I have hired Lennard numerous times over years to handle my cases, ranging from class B felonies to gross misdemeanors. I was looking at 6-9 years of incarceration and Lennard has gotten two of my biggest cases dismissed and others reduced to practically nothing. Every time I consulted with him, he is extremely knowledgeable, tactical, honest, caring, and straight forward. And we have been in 4 different Courthouses around State of Washington, and in every Courthouse, he is very well-known with the judges, prosecutors, and staffs, which re-insured me that I was in very good hands. I’m confidently able to recommend him to my closest friends and family who are dealing with legal issues, because I know they are going to be represented by the best. Lennard has basically helped me to receive another chance in life to start over and has helped me to learn from my mistakes and move on to being a better person. There are no any other lawyers like him.