Three Seattle men who have lived in the same house for 55 years are facing charges for sex crimes against children after a relative discovered images of alleged sexual exploitation littered throughout the brothers’ cluttered home. The men—ages 78, 80 and 82—have been arrested and jail for their alleged crimes. They each face two counts of second-degree possession of images depicted child pornography. Bail has been set at $500,000.

Besides the images, it is believed that the men had also sexually abused several family members. The female relative who tipped off police to the situation claims that she was abused by the men as a child, but since the abuse happened decades ago, it’s unlikely the men will be charged.

Many of the images found in the home depicted killings of children. The men also wrote extensively about child homicide and rape. However, there has been no evidence found of any of the men harming children in any way. None of the men have criminal convictions, either, and were nonchalant about being investigated for their alleged crimes, making the situation very unusual.

It appears on the surface that the men have an obsession with young girls. Police claim that the men have “deviant interests.” Given the ages of the men, will they be forced to live out their lives in prison? It seems that a mental illness may be at play. Would therapy be the better option? Their lawyers will need to formulate strong defenses given the circumstances.

Child Sex Abuse

Child sex abuse typically involves sexual activity with a minor. Most cases—93 percent—involve family members or someone the victim knows.

However, a person can be charged with such a crime even if no physical contact took place. If an adult harasses a minor through a computer or possesses images of naked children, those situations could also warrant a child sex abuse charge.

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