Murder is one of the most serious crimes that any individual can be charged with, and it is not to be taken lightly. Murder is generally defined as the intentional or premeditated death upon another individual. Evidence gathered at the crime scene may have offered proof that you committed the crime. Individuals charged with murder… Read More

If a person ever finds themselves subject to a wrongful restraining order it is of vital importance to get ahead of the situation as soon as possible. Sometimes the opposing party plays victim and creates false police reports and allegations and far too often clerical errors can be made as well resulting in the wrong… Read More

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If you’re pulled over by a police officer when driving, it’s important to be aware of your constitutional rights. Read on to learn more about the rights and responsibilities you have as a citizen when encountering police as a motorist. Please be aware that even if you are not a citizen, these rights apply to… Read More

It’s true that police officers are mandated and permitted to make arrests when proper evidence is submitted, in many situations concrete evidence is not as necessary for an arrest to be made, as probable cause is required. It’s important to understand the difference. Probable Cause Reasonable or probable cause for an arrest exists for an… Read More

Juvenile Cases = Not Adult Crimes If you are under 18 and break the law, you can be charged with a juvenile offense.  The Juvenile System, including Juvenile Corrections and Juvenile Court, will handle your case. How a Juvenile Case Begins with service of a summons; or an arrest What is a Summons? A Summons… Read More

It’s a series of statements as timeless as the television show Dragnet. “You have the right to remain silent,” seems to penetrate every television detective drama ever written. These are the Miranda Rights and understanding them can protect you in a tricky situation if ever under arrest. Understanding Miranda Rights The court case of “Miranda… Read More

DATE RAPE DRUGS are sometimes used to assist in committing a sexual assault on another. Sexual assault is any type of sexual activity that a person does not give consensus to. Because of the effects of these drugs, victims may be physically helpless, unable to refuse sex, and unable to remember what happened. Drugs as… Read More