If you’ve been found and convicted of drunk driving, you might be afraid there is no way to get your driver’s license back, your auto insurance rates reduced, or to simply move on with your life. There is, however, one thing that you can do to solve each of these problems: an ignition interlock device.

While it’s not pleasant to be told you have to have an ignition interlock system installed in your vehicle to continue to drive, the fact remains that this is often your best available option. To understand the ignition interlock systems technology, let’s take a look at the key benefits of an alcohol interlock device.

#1: Affordability

Most likely, the cost of paying the court, a state-imposed fine, and attorney’s fees to process your DUI has taken its toll on you financially. The last thing you need to add insult to injury is for an ignition interlock system to cost a lot of money. The good news is this is not the case at all. Legally, the cost of the system has to be affordable in order for the anti-DUI program to operate appropriately. So if budget is an issue for you, providers are out there that understand the need to work with you.

#2: Efficient Installation

When you select the ignition interlock system that meets your requirements and needs, your scheduled appointment for installation can be made at the location nearest to you. The installation process is typically less than two hours; therefore, you do not have to give up your day.

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