The Constitution of the United States separates our country from many other nations on earth because it guarantees several types of freedom. Citizens are generally free to act at their own discretion, so long as they do not violate the rights of others. Citizens are also generally free not to act if they so choose,… Read More

While shoplifting may seem like a small crime, and not be considered one of the more serious crimes, shoplifting has always been treated as serious as larceny. Along with the charges of shoplifting, retail stores will often send a civil demand letter to you as part of the retribution for your crime.   Shoplifting Is… Read More

Shoplifting doesn’t seem like it would be that much of a problem, but it can have dire consequences that could end in jail time, forcing you to pay costly fees and even has the potential to make you lose your job. Having a criminal record will most often reduce many of your future professional opportunities.… Read More

Alzheimer’s and dementia can change a person and cause him or her to behave in ways he or she never has never before acted. In the beginning you may notice your loved one begin acting more irritable, depressed, or anxious. While these behaviors may not point to Alzheimer’s or dementia, as the disease progresses, they… Read More

Imagine you’re shopping in your favorite store, browsing the latest trends, when suddenly you’re surrounded by security, and being asked to come with them. As authorities lead you away, you are confused and unsure of what is happening. People are staring. Then you realize that you’re being accused of shoplifting. Pay or Get Arrested You are escorted… Read More