Imagine you’re shopping in your favorite store, browsing the latest trends, when suddenly you’re surrounded by security, and being asked to come with them. As authorities lead you away, you are confused and unsure of what is happening. People are staring. Then you realize that you’re being accused of shoplifting.

Pay or Get Arrested

You are escorted to a small room in the business offices of the store. Security begins to pull your information up in a database to see if you have any previous arrests or warrants. You haven’t been asked any questions, no one has even explained what they saw. Now you’re being told you have the option of paying $320 to take an online shoplifting course, or they are calling the police to have you arrested. The choice is yours: pay to leave with no police called, or take your chances with the police and a future court case.

Assumed Guilty without Due Process

The event describe above is actually happening in some major chains. The stores rely on security guards, and what they believe they saw, to implicate people. While this may be a good option for some who have actually shoplifted, and have the option of not having a record on their first offense, what if you are falsely accused? You can deny the charges, but they are still calling the police, and you’re still responsible for a day in court. How can they really know you are the one who took the items? Where is the due process for those who are being accused of something they didn’t do?

Should you find yourself in this kind of a situation, you have the right to due process. You should be considered innocent until proven otherwise. We at The Nahajski Firm are here to help you and make sure your rights are fully upheld. We encourage you to call and speak personally to a lawyer about the details of your circumstances. Call us at 206-621-0500 or contact us online for a free consultation with an experienced attorney.