“Sexual harassment” and “sexual assault” are terms we hear in news stories and perfunctory meetings lead by the Human Resources team.  For those who may have been convicted of inappropriate behavior that is sexual in nature, these are very serious matters that could affect the rest of their daily lives.  It’s important to provide some definitions of these behaviors — how they are alike and how they are different — as well as what legal rights you have if you have been accused.


Both sexual harassment and sexual assault are sexual behaviors one person considers to be unwanted and uninvited.  Both are personal violations that could potentially result in physical or emotional harm to the victim.  Either one could occur in a single episode or over the course of time (by degree) with repeated incidents.


Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that involves unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal and physical conduct of a sexual nature.  This could be verbal comments, obscene or explicit emails or texting, physical touching, unwanted requests to perform sexual favors.

Sexual assault is rape, forcible sodomy (oral or anal), aggravated, abusive, or unwanted sexual contact. Sexual assault is also any attempt to commit any of these acts.  Lack of verbal consent is considered to be no consent.

Sexual harassment is covered under Equal Opportunity laws and occurs in work environments or school settings.  Sexual assault is a criminal act that can occur anywhere.


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