The Washington State Patrol and other members of local law enforcement have intensified patrols for drunk drivers. This started at the beginning of the holiday season, with increased efforts to collect Place of Last Drink (POLD) data.

On December 7, Washington State Patrol troopers participated in a program known as Night of a Thousand Stars. The annual effort’s goal is to remove impaired drivers from Washington highways. These recent efforts highlight the importance of avoiding any kind of intoxicated driving. However, they also underscore that motorists could be stopped for a DUI. Not realizing that they are driving under the influence.

Starting off the holiday season is the annual Night of a Thousand Stars. A program designed to emphasize on drunk driving prevention efforts. It came shortly after the Puyallup Police Department received an award, from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, for its efforts in arresting impaired drivers and collecting POLD data.

Law enforcement officials from across the state compile POLD data. Thus developing a database from which Washington State Patrol troopers and other police officers can target locations designated as more likely to result in drunk-driving arrests. In particular, over-serving customers is how a restaurant or bar are added to POLD data.

Consequently, this December law enforcement officials will be targeting areas where previous DUI-related accidents and arrests have occurred throughout the Seattle-Tacoma area. This is achievable by relying on POLD data. Many of those locations were central in the Night of a Thousand Stars program, a program whose name refers to 1,000 Washington State Patrol badges out on the roads targeting drivers who show signs of intoxication. As of early December, the Washington State Patrol had made a total of 14,897 stops across the state in 2018.

According to Seattle criminal defense attorney Lennard A. Nahajski, intensified DUI enforcement efforts may result in first-time offenders being stopped for impaired driving.

As Nahajski emphasized  the patrols may result in “many individuals facing DUI charges who are first-time offenders. Some making a single mistake for which they could face lifelong repercussions.” Those motorists deserve to have a strong defense to fight DUI/DWI charges.

Part of DUI enforcement efforts during the holiday season includes the development of DUI emphasis patrols.  Washington State Patrol troopers make up the patrols. As well as, members of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, other county sheriff’s offices, and police departments. Given that the rate of impaired driving crashes and fatalities have declined from the previous year in Washington State; the Washington State Patrol is likely to keep up DUI enforcement efforts throughout the New Year.

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