The term stalker is often thrown around as an almost endearing term to finding someone of interest and learning as much as possible about them. However, it becomes a much more serious offense when interest takes on a deeper, more intimidating attack. Let’s talk about the definition of stalking and how that relates to domestic violence.


Stalking Defined

One can define stalking as a series of behaviors and harassing contacts that place an individual in reasonable fear of injury to that person, another person, or the property of that person or another person.  It is also necessary that the individual accused of stalking either:

  •    Through repeated threatening or harassing behaviors aims to scare, intimidate, or frighten an individual
  •    Knows or reasonably should know that the person is frightened, intimidated or harassed
  •    Vandalizing property
  •    Non-consensual actions occurred regardless of whether or not the suspect initially intended to intimidate or harass the individual


Domestic Violence

It is considered a domestic violence situation when the victim involved in the stalking was in a relationship with the perpetrator. It could also be regarded as domestic violence when involving an employer, co-worker, member of the household or a family member.


Crime of Stalking

Stalking can be separated out into a gross misdemeanor or a Class C felony. Stalking is considered a gross misdemeanor when it is acted upon as defined above. For stalking to move beyond a gross misdemeanor, the stalker would have committed the following:

  •    Prior conviction of harassment or stalking
  •    In violation of a protective order
  •    In possession of a deadly weapon during the stalking event
  •    Stalking in retaliation for official duties
  •    Intimidating a witness to prevent them from testifying


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