Kids deserve a second chance, and being charged and convicted of juvenile crimes can follow them for the rest of their lives, even preventing them from joining the military or acquiring the type of education they need to succeed or from pursuing certain career paths.  While some may simply say their children suffered from bad behavior while they were growing up, juvenile crime is more serious than some parents or the juveniles themselves comprehend.

If juvenile charges are elevated to adult court, the results can be far-reaching as far as where they serve time since it could mean they will be serving time with the adult population of a prison.

It is imperative to hire an attorney who is familiar with representing juveniles facing criminal charges, and one who has the experience, determination and tenacity to fight for your child’s rights.  There are juvenile criminal charges that are eligible for expungement, or eligible to be sealed providing the juvenile follows through with the court’s order for community service, and/or restitution payments, or any other requirements set forth by the court.

Even if a juvenile’s criminal records are sealed by the court, or expunged, and not available for scrutiny by the public, including employers, every branch of the military has the authority to view those records.

Juvenile Crimes Defense Attorney

An experienced juvenile crimes defense attorney can help ensure your child will be able to pursue his dreams by advising you on how to set your child on the path to having his/her criminal records expunged or sealed, and how your child can then pursue his/her military career if they so choose.

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