Theft can occur in various ways. A person may simply take another person’s possession or engage in an extensive plot to defraud people of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. The latter recently happened in Washington, causing financial harm to hundreds of local victims.

Five people participating in a theft ring were arrested by Kirkland police on December 29.

Police raided an apartment in the Kingsgate area of Kirkland on Northeast 147th Place that morning. They found evidence such as counterfeiting equipment, counterfeit money, IDs, forged checks, stolen mail and drugs.

The suspects have been accused of various theft crimes, including car theft, mail theft and identity theft. It is believed that there were hundreds of victims nearby.

Kirkland police had been investigating the area over the past few months. They came across various cases of theft, counterfeiting, prowling and drug use. They found out that several suspects were linked to the apartment and obtained a search warrant. The investigation is ongoing and more arrests are possible.

It is unknown exactly what types of charges the suspects will face, although grand theft and identity theft are crimes that are often charged as felonies.

Types of Theft

There are many types of theft. Petty theft occurs when the value of the items is small—under $1,000. This crime is often done by teens and others looking for a thrill. Grand theft auto is a serious crime that often endangers others. This occurs when a person steals a vehicle with intent to keep it permanently. Identity theft is a type of theft that is on the rise. This occurs when a person steals another person’s identifying information, such as name, Social Security number, driver’s license or credit cards. People engage in this crime for financial gain.

Get Help for Your Criminal Case

Many people are wrongly arrested for theft without the necessary evidence. If you’ve been arrested for theft, don’t handle your case on your own. There are always ways to improve your situation.

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