Whether it’s the workplace, school, or any other numerous situations people encounter each day, the sad fact is that sexual assault and sexual harassment takes place in these and many other places on a daily basis. While affecting a growing number of men, the vast majority of cases involving either of these events centers around women. While in some ways sexual assault and sexual harassment are quite similar, there are also marked differences between the two.

Sexual Assault

When most people hear the term sexual assault, their first thought turns to rape. While rape is the most vicious form of sexual assault, many other acts also converge to encompass the topic. Inappropriate and unwanted touching by another person, along with such acts as forcible sodomy, help to define sexual assault. In many instances of sexual assault, the central issue is a woman stating she does not want to have sex, only to have the man refuses to accept no for an answer and force himself upon the woman. Whatever the case may be, sexual assault and any allegations of it should not be taken lightly or withheld from authorities.


Unlike sexual assault, sexual harassment rarely involves sex itself. Instead, it focuses on inappropriate language, remarks, photos, or insinuations of sex in exchange for certain favors. Frequently happening in workplaces, sexual harassment is targeted mostly at women, although more and more men are filing sexual harassment complaints due to the increasing number of women holding supervisory roles in today’s workforce. As with sexual assault, sexual harassment allegations are not to be taken lightly. Complaints of this nature are usually filtered through a company’s Human Resources department, but are often embarrassing to those filing them. Thus, it often leads to far fewer cases being reported than actually happen, according to those who have studied and researched this topic for years.

Legal Advice

For those who find themselves victims of sexual assault or sexual harassment, getting legal advice as soon as possible can be of great importance. Sexual assault victims should undergo extensive physical examinations as soon as possible in order to collect crucial physical evidence, while those experiencing sexual harassment must remember to document every instance of the alleged behavior. By making sure evidence exists to prove these incidents did occur, those who find themselves experiencing these situations can contact attorneys to assist them in their quest for justice.