Drunk drivers cause many accidents, but it’s ironic when a person hits a police officer, particularly one who had just finished a DUI training course. A Pierce County sheriff’s deputy got some real world training when a drunk driver hit his vehicle.

On the evening of  November 13, the sheriff’s deputy had just finished a DUI phlebotomy training course and was on his way home. He was in Puyallup on Canyon Road and was getting ready to turn onto 160th Street East when he was rear-ended. The driver of the car—a 72-year-old man—was going 35 mph when he hit the deputy’s car.

When the man got out of his vehicle, he was off balance and appeared dazed and confused. The deputy told the man to stay in his vehicle until paramedics arrived. The man failed field sobriety test and admitted that he had a few beers earlier, but it was unknown when exactly the man was drinking.

The man was taken to a police station and given a Breathalyzer test. The two readings showed his blood alcohol content (BAC) was at .164 and .190, both are which are more than twice the legal limit. The man’s vehicle was impounded and he was charged with a DUI. He was taken home in a taxi.

Washington DUI Laws 

In Washington, those convicted of a DUI charge will face penalties from the court and Department of Licensing. A first-time offender will have their license suspended for 90 days and face up to 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine. For those with a high BAC—such as the man in this case—the penalties include license suspension for up to one year, up to 364 days in jail and a fine of up to $5,000.

A person could also be ordered to attend an alcohol treatment program. Those who have a minor under age 16 with them in the vehicle at the time of the DUI arrest face enhanced penalties.

Get Help for Your Criminal Case

Drinking and driving is a common traffic offense, but it comes with strict punishment. Those convicted of this crime can face fines, community service, license suspension, jail time and other penalties.

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