Seattle’s most common domestic abuse crime is a violation of a no-contact order, which can involve having contact with the person protected by a no-contact order (VNCO), an anti-harassment order, or restraining orders.  Violating any such order can result in being charged with a criminal offense, and is a domestic violence crime if the order involves a member of one’s family or if there has been a dating relationship between the offender and the victim.

Surprisingly, in some cases the victim who requested the protective order in the first place may not object to the offender having some type of contact so long as it is not appearing to be abusive; however, the victim does not have jurisdiction over the order and is not allowed to simply set it aside once it is in place.

Depending upon whether violence was involved when the original order became effective, or violence is involved in the violation of the order, new charges can be filed against the offender.

Stalking is another common domestic abuse charge in Seattle, and all too often leads to other criminal charges being brought against the offender.  Stalking is a serious crime and one that leaves the victims feeling frightened and vulnerable.

It is estimated that one in four women and one in thirteen men become victims of domestic abuse during their lifetimes.

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

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