Washington state lawmakers are planning to introduce a bill that tightens drunk driving laws in the state. Frockt plans to reintroduce a DUI bill in the upcoming state legislative session.

Anyone who has been convicted of a DUI or DWI in Seattle should know that Washington State lawmakers recently announced plans to reintroduce a bill to tighten drunk driving laws. Bipartisan lawmakers are likely to reintroduce the bill. Republican State Senator Mike Padden and Democratic State Senator David Frockt initially introduced this legislation in response to a death. In this case; the driver’s license was suspended; and the vehicle was supposed to have an ignition interlock device. However, the driver was a repeat offender who had previously been convicted of multiple DUI-related charges. After that case, lawmakers sought to make a DUI charge a felony offense as opposed to a misdemeanor. At the time, that legislation failed.

Recently, another drunk driving accident resulted in the death of a woman in Washington State. This prompted lawmakers to consider again introducing legislation that would change DUI laws and penalties in the state. Such legislation would aim to make stricter DUI laws. First, in terms of changing a DUI charge from a misdemeanor to a felony offense; as well as changing the way in which multiple DUI convictions affect a person’s ability to drive. Those in favor of the legislation emphasized that DUI crashes were preventable. Pointing out that stricter laws would result in More specifically; recent DUI legislation has attempted to make a subsequent DUI conviction; such as a second or third DUI offense into a felony crime. As such, more than one DUI conviction would lead to prison time. Both Padden and Frockt introduced this type of legislation earlier, yet the bill did not go forward. According to Frockt; lawmakers need to get more aggressive when it comes to repeat DUI offenders; and that means turning to incarceration.

According to Seattle criminal defense attorney Lennard A. Nahajski, if a DUI bill is reintroduced and ultimately becomes law in Washington, Seattle residents accused of drunk driving could be facing much more significant penalties. As Nahajski explained; “stricter DUI laws, including a shift to make certain DUI offenses felonies; could mean that more individuals; will serve time in jail or prison.” While there are numerous defenses to DUI charges; a conviction would likely have more serious consequences. In response to the recent DUI case mentioned above; Frockt plans to reintroduce a DUI bill in the upcoming state legislative session. For a free consultation contact us at (206) 621-0500.