Facing an accusation of any type of illegality is an emotionally and legally challenging event. With that understood, being accused of indecent liberties represents a truly significant and potentially devastating contention. Because of the extremely serious nature of being accused of indecent liberties, a person must take very specific steps in order to protect his or her rights and interests.

Terminate Any Communication with the Accuser or Purported Victim

A person accused of indecent liberties must immediately cease any and all contact with the alleged victim of the crime. Moreover, if that alleged victim is a minor child, contact with that young person’s parent’s or guardians (and any one else who may be involved in putting forth the accusation) must also completely cease.

A person accused of indecent liberties may be inclined to think that by communicating with the accuser or accusers, the matter might be able to be resolved. The fact is that this type of communication following an accusation of indecent liberties only works to make the matters far worse.

Make No Statements to Investigators of Law Enforcement

Once an accusation of indecent liberties is made, law enforcement officials and other investigators will initiate action. A person accused of this type of illegality must not make any statement to or answer any questions from any law enforcement official or other investigator. If after obtaining legal counsel, an attorney recommends making a statement or answering questions, a person can do so at that time. Of course, the lawyer would be present for any such questioning or statement making.

Identify Supportive Witnesses

In some cases, false accusations about indecent liberties are made. When that occurs, it is imperative that a person facing such an accusation immediately identify potential witnesses who can provide supportive evidence in support of that individual. As personally challenging as identifying and contacting these types of witnesses may be, it is essential to the protection of an individual’s rights and interests that this occur.

Obtain Experienced, Capable Legal Representation

In the end, in order to ensure that a person accused of indecent liberties is able to fully protect his or her rights and interests, a lawyer should be retained promptly. Indeed, by retaining an attorney in a timely manner in the aftermath of an accusation of indecent liberties, many of the different steps outlined in this discussion can be accomplished with that professional’s assistance. Contact our firm today to get our experienced attorneys on your side.