A Washington man who tried to kill his wife went on a crime spree and is now facing multiple charges, including attempted murder and arson. The man, who has a history of drug convictions, is now behind bars for his latest actions. The 43-year-old man, from Blaine, was arrested on the evening of December 26.… Read More

Theft can occur in various ways. A person may simply take another person’s possession or engage in an extensive plot to defraud people of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. The latter recently happened in Washington, causing financial harm to hundreds of local victims. Five people participating in a theft ring were arrested… Read More

Federal prosecutors work on the side of the law, helping courts find evidence to put criminals behind bars. It can be surprising then to see a prosecutor on the other side of the law, being charged with a crime. It’s not hard for someone to be charged with a DUI. A federal prosecutor was recently… Read More

Graffiti is a crime that involves the use of spray paint to deface the property of others with pictures and messages. Graffiti is difficult to remove and often leaves a lasting impression on neighborhoods. Residents in the Seattle area woke up on New Year’s Day to vandalism, most of it in the form of graffiti.… Read More

When it comes to sex offenses, many people have a hard time stopping after committing one offense. Even after all the penalties involved, they may continue to engage in such crimes. It’s like an addiction. One Washington man’s obsession with sex with minors has led to multiple arrests in the past two years. The Lummi… Read More

Drunk drivers cause many accidents, but it’s ironic when a person hits a police officer, particularly one who had just finished a DUI training course. A Pierce County sheriff’s deputy got some real world training when a drunk driver hit his vehicle. On the evening of  November 13, the sheriff’s deputy had just finished a… Read More

When you cause a car accident, the law says you must remain at the accident scene. Otherwise, you could be charged with hit and run, which comes with serious penalties depending on the extent of the damage involved. It could be charged as a misdemeanor or felony. A Washington man is facing hit and run… Read More

Posing as a filmmaker may be something a person does to meet people. It does not typically lead to criminal charges unless a person uses the filmmaker ruse to lure women and young girls into prostitution. This may seem a little far-fetched, but this is what a Seattle man was accused of doing. The 51-year-old… Read More

Police departments often rely on dogs to help track down crime suspects. Dogs are intelligent and have excellent hearing and a good sense of smell, all which can help police officers put suspects behind bars. A K-9 unit in Kitsap County helped law enforcement catch a burglary suspect. The dog, named Heiko, spent four hours… Read More

The recent Equifax breach leaked the personal information of 140 million Americans. Now, people in Washington and all over the country are dealing with the ramifications of this breach—the main one being identity theft. One Seattle woman has had her identity stolen not once, not twice, but 15 times. With the help of her attorney,… Read More